The fusion of Athleticism & Business makes for better Business model!

The way, I believe, we ought to go about managing business differs sharply from the global norm. I guess I am competitive, and I sincerely believe that it is Sports that did this to me. And this explains why I am a strong advocate of life long participation in Sports and I additionally believe that each and every country should have a Sports Minister. Sports literally bring out the best in us…………

And my passion for Sports has filtered through to my business. I look at my business in the very same way as a football coach considers the next match, his strategic and tactical considerations, the players, those that will be in and those that will be benched. I like to win games and have set my sights on winning the competition. And I maintain a mindset, that radiates the notion, “if we don’t make it this season, we will the next.”

I consider what we are up against in the World economy, the geopolitical issues, and what goes on in the global market place and consider which of my ‘players’ (staff) has both heart and ability to take on the challenges. He/she tackles hard but fair (the coach always says fair play is very important, win because you have heart, win because you are smarter, win because you dribble better, and because you know how to score!)

If a company does not keep their eyes ‘on the ball’ they are bound to lose sight of good opportunities. Opportunities tend to emerge, out of nowhere. And there is only a small window as opportunities are lost as quickly soon after they present themselves?

 If such an opportunity presents itself in the email inbox of a ‘detached transactional labour employee’ habitually watches the clock’s on the wall agonizingly slow movement towards that long awaited ‘magic hour’ when he/she can finally go and spend that ‘quality time with the friends and family?’

In truth, the quality time often has to give way to less family centred pass times such on line gaming, meaningless social media gazing with likes as the highlight of a ‘dumb out’ pass time? Theory has a way of being so much difference from practice?

When it comes to business opportunities, I’d much rather have these arrive in the mail box of a motivated ‘can do’ minded staff/player who is here to truly build his/her career. It is nearly six ‘o clock, but when he/she sees the content of the email it raises excitement and a sense of expectation of a potential business win?  He/she is 996 kind of guy.

He/she says his/her daily byes to the hordes of leavers and after the office emptied (in minutes flat) he/she remains with precious few others sparsely spread out between the office partitions.

Opportunities have to be treasured! Most of our revenue, today, originates from opportunities that suddenly presented themselves. That is because by definition these entered the mail box of motivated execs, the same guys that are selected for the next game, and the next.  

I can give testimony of many efforts to reach corporations large and small via the email address advertised on their website and 9 out of ten times these emails do not get answered. It has become the global norm. My assumption is that we see a combination of the ‘nobody cares nobody bothers, anymore,’ at work.

For transactional labour- workers, making another sale or not making a sale makes no difference whatsoever, if anything it could potential disrupt timely departure, at the magic hour.

When we persist to establish contact with that corporation, often we have to go two rounds, follow up with a call a few days later, and try and remain calm when you hear once again the familiar refrain saying ‘no the email was not received, ‘can you send it again?’

The other ‘tell-tale’ sign is the struggle to prove to the Vendor that THEY actually carry a certain product. This after it becomes clear that the employee can’t relate to the product you refer to? You begin to describe the product and where you saw it on their website because you are really interested in that product and send the Vendor the link to the product they advertise on THEIR website?

At our end, we pursue our goals in a competitive spirit, as we always have and always will.

However, in the global landscape in contrast hereto, the manpower mots corporations require is transacted in a barter like manner, money for time or time for money. No need to win, no ‘benching’ of players either, no transfers. Everybody plays! Unsurprisingly more games are lost than won.

This has slowly become the norm. To ‘qualify’ for pay an employee merely shows up to do the work he or she is assigned to do.  In that concept few if any would even dream of showing up to make business wins on that day. Because winning is not part of transactional labour model! Showing up is! Money changing hands is the only stick factor between company and employee. There is no loyalty between employees and employers and workers chase the highest bidder.

The global clamour for work-life balance gets stronger, as work ethics continue trend down. It is politically incorrect to even suggest that. Politicians yield to societal pressures for greater work life balance justifying their positions by arguing that greater work life balance permit families more time together. Dad can help with the household chores, or help the kids with home- work, mom can take granny on a spin, in the park. Bliss all around?

However, there are zero assurances that the employees released early from work will indeed engage in meaningful time with their family members. As it is, people already spend plenty of idle time in front of the tv, hanging out in malls, endless window shopping, incessant browsing of the web including the dark variety, and more…………………. To how much value does that add up?

And it isn’t that work halts life in any way? It does not! And it isn’t that work does not add value to life? It does! And it isn’t that there are not ample rewards of work (e.g. you have done something particularly well and you know it and or your boss/coach knows it?) and the fact that this adds ‘green stamps’ to your self-esteem. Credit to I’m OK – You’re OK a 1967 self-help book by Thomas Anthony Harris, one of the most life changing books ever written, on the subject.

Meaningful use of our time is important away from the many unhealthy temptations that are increasingly in every ones’ face, today.

Often people want to spend less time on the job (game) because they hate the job (game) and the boss (coach). That model is classic and I dare say it is wide-spread. Transactional labour model has plenty to do with the sorry state of relations between employer and employees. Money alone can’t motivate anyone, for long.

Against that background it understandable that people want more ‘away from the job time’. Would ‘away from the job time’ actually not be a better and more honest way describe the desire to escape from the job, you hate?

Increasingly people cannot handle the many rigours of life, jobs included, and need scaffolding to keep them upright? There are more and more scaffolds in the offing that have become part of the escape plan. There has all along been smoking as a debilitating addictive habit and now there is vaping. It is captivating how vapers manage to playfully exhibit the circulation of white toxic vapour spiralling through their nostrils and mouth after the vapour first maliciously licked the lining of their lungs. A fleeting touch that could, as we meanwhile know, spell death.

Another type of scaffold is to smoke marihuana. and of course there are a great many other drugs that can become scaffolds and become part of an escape plan.

The solution is at hand. The recipe for a balanced and healthy life is competitive sports on and off the job, a revolving door between life and the job, there should be no need for compartmentalization. There is no need to escape from anything if you show heart to take on the challenges before you and keep a keen eye on opportunities that come your way.  

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