Enviro Services and Energy Markets Vacuum Tankers for Sale

Global Markets for Iso tank containers designed for vacuum pump service!

Tankformator brings its vacuum service tank containers, Iso Eclipse 1 to Energy markets and Enviro (Management of Waste Fluids-wet service) It brings a modular dimension to these markets and operations where traditionally vacuum trucks and trailers are deployed. It is committed to match or exceed operational functionality when it comes to conveyance and vacuum extraction pump package of bulk liquids and as a byproduct of its modular design deliver operational savings to Operators. Stacking of tank containers enable Operators to free up land space. Iso tank containers enable Operators to outsource cleaning, inspection, and servicing to third party service depots, nearby.

Undoubtedly the Energy and Enviro services (waste management) markets are the largest. As for Energy in US, Oil and LNG are produced mostly through hydraulic fracking. It is there where vacuum tanks are amongst other deployed to haul fresh and collect sour water. Elsewhere wet service vacuum tanks are deployed in a wide variety of markets around the World including collection of hydro carbon sludge from Refineries, Oil terminals and Deep sea tankers. The Marine industry is also serviced by vacuum tankers to collect Oily water and bilge oil following restriction under MARPOL to dispose this at open seas. Then there is the slop from stationary Storage tanks and Tanker vessel cleaning. Water treatment plants also require sludge to be collected by vacuum tanks.


Vacuum Truck Tanker and Trailer

@Tankformator, we have the greatest respect for the Vacuum truck community and for high levels of sophistication and functionality of Vacuum trucks offered for a variety of industrial applications. The two different types of vacuum tanks i.e. Vacuum trucks and Vacuum pump iso tank containers are not mutually exclusive.  And we are not suggesting that iso tank containers are an immediate alternative for all applications that Vacuum trucks and trailers are being deployed for. To each his own!! Vacuum trucks and trailers can and we are sure will co-exist with tank containers for vacuum service. As iso tank container proponent we like to share some of the benefits Iso tank containers with vacuum pump packages have over Vacuum trucks and trailers.

  1. Vacuum trucks are custom built locally and therefore more costly
  2. Resulting from item 1,‎ it is reasonable to expect that job cost will be higher
  3. Tank volume of vacuum trucks is limited in most cases to about 12 (3170 US Gallon)-15KL(4000 US Gallon). Admittedly vacuum trailers are available in larger volumes.
  4. Full containment of liquid and vapours is compromised by tail gate
  5. Reliance on manual labour to dislodge and recover sludge via tail gate clashes with OSHA and other regulations over the medium and long term because of confined space work. Secondly there is the challenge of finding workers prepared to do this kind of dirty and potentially perilous work.
  6. A special purpose vehicle vacuum truck is one whole, and failure in any important part of the vehicle will immobilize the entire unit.


  1. Iso tank containers are built on an assembly line and therefore see dramatically lower capital cost
  2. Lower capital cost results into lower job cost and potentially higher margins for Operator
  3. Larger tank volume ‎upwards of above 22500litre (6000 US Gallon)
  4. For hydraulic fracking capacities and hauling fresh and spent water it is possible to bring to market tank containers upward of 30,000litre (7925 US Gallon).
  5. Full containment of liquid and vapors.
  6. Outsourcing? Stacking, inspection, repairs, statutory testing and cleaning could all be outsourced to specialized 3rd party cleaning depots.
  7. Power, Vacuum and ancillary equipment: Tankformator offers two options.

Option 1. Tankformator supplies vacuum iso tank containers without the running gear to operate the tank container. In such case the Operator usually installs vacuum pump on the truck, which is powered by PTO and hydraulic power pack.

Option 2. Tankformator supplies a ‘Plug ‘n Play’ unit i.e. the vacuum iso tank container together with the running gear contained in a Clip on unit suspended to the front of the iso tank container. The Clip on is demountable and can be pooled amongst a number of tanks. This once again lowers capital cost and improves equipment utilization.

  1. Standard container road transport equipment can be deployed
  2. Iso tank containers can be stacked to free up valuable terminal space. This lowers operating cost.
  3. Response to high demand cycles? Iso tank container capital cost is not high hence Operators can afford to keep extra capacity ‎in yard to deal with or capture peak demand. Conversely when operating Vacuum trucks, only, and peak demand presents itself, high capital cost stands in the way of a decision to purchase a Vacuum truck and business is lost to the competition.

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