Used ISO Tank Containers For Sale

Used tank containers has been used before, these will have changed hands between owners, and because of that it can be had at a reduced price as compared to a new tank container.

Used tank containers may not always match the gloss and all other showroom standards, that some say have mostly to do with cosmetics, but the used tank containers Tankformator supplies can be expected to be ‘Fit for Purpose’ and delivered complete with the needed certification issued by an independent third party such as Bureau Veritas. Used tank containers are attractive for ‘here and now’ requirements often unrivalled by newly build tank containers. A used tank container still has a respectable service life remaining – as it mostly changes hand mid-way through its 30-35 year life cycle.

Transport, instant Storage and other industrial applications…..

The principal application of iso tank containers remains transport i.e. multi modal and intermodal transport. It is estimated that around 50% of all bulk liquids moved around the World are petroleum based products such as diesel and other fuels, besides lubricating oils and additives. Global Oil production also features high in tank container utilization with tank containers the default choice to transport drilling fluids, base oils and drilling muds, scavengers, descaling agents, flow improvers and flocculants. The shale gas revolution in USA has meanwhile added fracking water to this mix.

First things first’ is the word when selecting pre-owned tank containers best suited!

At Tankformator all we need is to have our customers tell us which product(s) they intend to transport or store upon which Tankformator will propose the unit type that best suits customers’ needs. In case a cargo is DG providing the 4 Digit UN no and MSDS is important.

Finding Tank containers that provide Value for money

One would be forgiven to think that your interests are best served to just pick the lowest possible offer when selecting pre-owned tank containers? Well not exactly! There is much more to the purchase of a pre-owned tank container than price alone!!

Tankformator supplies good quality tanks mostly just below or above ‘midway their life cycle’ generally considered to be a minimum of 30 years. Whereas these tank containers are unlikely going to trump the ‘cheapest’ offer,  buyers are advised to consider offer price and residual lifespan when they purchase  pre-owned tank containers. We can explain!!

Tankformator possesses knowledge and expertise across tank container manufacture, repairs & maintenance, logistics, and tank container leasing. Tankformator positions itself as having the capacity to ‘get it right first time’ with much of this owing to its ‘know how.’ Tankformator takes the trial and error approach out of the equation and with that it strips away significant business risks.

To buy a cheap used tank container can be expensive especially when you count liability! You do the math! Example: excluding the cost of interest, the annual cost of a tank container that is purchased for U$8,000.00 and only lasts 5years will be US$1,600.00. A tank container that is purchased for U$11,000.00 but can be operated profitably for another 12 years, will cost you less than US$1000.00/annum.

Longer life span equals reduced Operating cost

You do the math! Example: excluding the cost of interest, the annual cost of a tank container that was purchased for U$12,000.00 and is expected to last  5years will be US$2,400.00. A tank container that is purchased for U$14,000.00 but is expected  to last another 10 years, will cost you just half that.

‘Peace of Mind’ when buying Pre-owned Tank containers

Customers need not ‘fly blind’. Tankformator tank containers come with a Tank container Fitness Attestation, that includes Dial Life Cycle, a gauge complete with indicator that points to the estimated residual life span! This is a Tankformator undertaking validated by independent inspection report called ‘Consolidated Inspection Report, issued by recognised third party inspection agency such as BV.

Solutions, safe, instant and lasting

Storage as another attractive application comes in as a strong second, as the World continues to discover the attraction of this instant storage option packaged with the widely recognized merit of comprehensive iso tank container certification. This often beats thoughts of building a suitable storage tank from scratch. Additionally iso tank containers are increasing sought after for applications as a blending tank, ideally suited for blending lubricating oils complete with agitator easily inserted in any of the existing nozzles or through the manhole, and the smaller parcels of pharmaceutical parcels.

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