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Our signature line, tank containers, conforms to a common standard sought after in markets and additionally includes features reflective of Tankformator’s insights into closed circuit loading and discharge, conditions of carriage, and damage prevention features.

A multi-purpose tank container specification tank container, UN Portable tank type T11, finds itself at the juncture of the outer parameters of the 20ft iso dimensional envelope, the temperature differential of four seasons, maximum axle weights ( truck+trailer+tare wt iso tank container, +cargo weight) and the widest possible mix of bulk liquid cargoes, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

This unit type is the default choice of tank container Operators and Lessors alike.Why have these become the norm? Read on.

1. It’s cargo volume varies between 24000-26000litre. This is because the density of the vast majority of liquids is below 1.0kg/litre, or indeed has the same density as water i.e. 1.0kg/litre or slightly above. Large volume tank containers afford Shippers World-wide, the most favorable economics, that Iso tank containers can possible offer.
2. ‎UN Portable tank type T11, may transport around a thousand hazardous liquids under IMDG, add thousands of non-hazardous and non-regulated liquids and the appeal of this unit tank type becomes clear.
3. Trade across the World, with different seasons prevailing in a given trade lane‎ and potential shipments from tropical climate zones to those with sub-zero temperatures and vice versa explain the need for steam heating, insulation and cladding, as a standard feature.

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