Tankformator embodies the vision that there is ‘economic magic’ in modular design in a range of products made in the shipbuilding, civil engineering, aerospace, automotive as well as container transport industries.

On the back of its continuous innovation pursuits, Tankformator continues to push boundaries and entrench its tank containers based on this modular design principle and their assembly line manufacture outside of the maritime domain to lands where hitherto vehicles reign.


We aim for our business output to be the product of a conscientious and deliberate fusion of available business acumen, knowledge and expertise with a highly competitive sporting ethos, striving to win in the market place, yet without this compromising fair play and win-win relationships with all stakeholders.


“All you can do today, you don’t have to do tomorrow!”

“Success in business is mainly achieved through tenacity, perseverance and an innate ability to endure ‘come what may cross ones’ path. These very building blocks are in turn anchored in the power of output of a person with an inquisitive tireless mind and a fit body! Compromise one and one compromises the other!”

“The ideal office working environment? What do we like it to be? Gym in the office or office in Gym??”

“Go out and win that next game and the next!”

“Apply ‘applied psychology’ as a powerful tool throughout! Take control, shape events, outcomes and results, always know your direction, guide others on basis what may be known to you but hidden to those in the opposite team!”

“Competing for business in the market place is akin to competing in sports! Play to win, as losing is not an option! However, always respect the rules of the game even as you pit all of your tactical, strategic and physical prowess against that of your opponents!”

“A first mistake represents a great learning opportunity and making it is alright! However repetition of the same mistake is a folly!”

“The tank container industry is magnificent and dynamic, participate with respect and a humble heart, always apply the highest professional standards and never compromise its enduring standing now or in the future!”

“Marketing is akin to what farmers do! Sowing is the equivalent of Marketing! The purpose of sowing is to harvest! The purpose of marketing is Sales! Sales is the proverbial equivalent to harvest! No sowing no harvest! No marketing no sales!”

“To speak on basis of a creative thought processes is not what you hear others do, it is what YOU do!”

“Don’t operate as standalone towers, lose aloofness and single-mindedness as it is neither helpful nor smart rather pursue intellectual connectivity with your entire team in all you do!”

“Exercise the same prudence with the company’s resources as you do with your own!”

“Each and every employee in the company is expected to contribute to Tankformator’s value chain!”

“The success of building Tankformator as a brand is dependent on YOU, by being the best you can be, through all of your actions, reinforcing Tankformator’s value proposition throughout all you do, every time! Spare a thought!”

“There are limits to what we are prepared to sell or compromise! We readily decline ‘A King’s Ransom’ just so that we may uphold respect for all mankind regardless of race, colour, religious denomination, sexual orientation, affiliation! We pledge integrity, honesty, loyalty, our liberty to free speech yet we exercise that right prudently so as not to offend others, and we protect the right of others to disagree! Our allegiance lies with the weak, the underdog, the oppressed, the sick the frail, the poor!”

“Trade with ones’ Vendors must be framed on basis of the spirit Win-Win for both! Exploitation and playing Vendor out has no place in this! Exploitation kills the prospect of meaningful durable relationships!”

“Innovation and creativity lie at the heart of each and every successful enterprise! Competitive advantages that drive cost down, elevate value or simply differentiate make the difference between success and failure!”

“Business cycles are like a fast moving train! It is critical to ensure the business process is correct and optimized right from the start for before you realise it, one may have gone past a number of stations and by then it may be too late for any change?”

“A reputation is easier lost than built.”