We build ISO tank containers of best design and specification from the assembly line of top manufacturers.

Tankformator (S) Pte Ltd. a company where everything it does revolves around modular tank containers. It sees tank container design and specification as a variable rather than a constant, and actively pursues product development. This very spirit shines through from its tradename, Tankformator,  a fusion made up from transformers, the toys that can morph from a vehicle to a robot and back and a transformator a device used to change the voltage level of electric current. Tankformator pursues product development under its banner, Creation, Innovation and Transformation.

Iso Tank Container Manufacturers Iso Tankers Manufacturers

Tankformator argues the benefits of modular iso tank containers and all that it sees as tangible benefits associated with these. With modular design is meant, design technology inherent to that of shipping containers, characterized by a high degree of prefabrication on an assembly line production. Why is there a need to argue benefits of something that has been around for over 50 years? Well, it seems that we are so used to shipping containers to the point that we forget about their ingenuity as well as their economics. The comparison we make is between a custom build special purpose vehicle and a shipping container built on an assembly line. Other than lower manufacture cost,  modular design brings along a host of other benefits. For example, there is a mature global 50 year old infrastructure of (rail) roads, terminals, ports, and service depots, trucks and trailers.  The modular dimensions of shipping containers enable stacking which helps to make the most economic use of land space. The availability of specialized Iso tank service depots enables Operators to outsource storage, inspection, cleaning, repairs and statutory tests.

Experience, the view in the inside mirror

What we do is based on a combined experience within Tankformator of over 5 decades in the tank container industry in business  activities that range from tank depot management including cleaning, testing and repairs to global Iso tank container Logistics, Leasing and Manufacture. Experience never goes out of fashion and remains a useful resource that Tankformator is able to tap on when servicing the needs of its customers.

Fusion of fringe and niche markets

Tankformator is operating on the fringes of the industry, by design! It is here where it does not get lost in the crowd and where it believes its personalised products and services can still make a difference! In doing so Tankformator has extended its products and services across a wide number of niche markets which includes Chemical distribution, Environmental services, Energy, Mining and Bulk liquid food industries. Additionally it supplies iso tank containers where these double for storage and various blending applications.

Disruptive Innovation

Tankformator offers ISO Eclipse 1, an ISO tank container with design parameters beyond that of a regular ISO tank container in that these can be operated under vacuum. ISO Eclipse 1 has been designed to cater for the varied needs of Enviro services, Waste Management and Oil & Gas services companies. Additionally ISO Eclipse 1 finds demand in Food bulk transport. There are two options to operate the ISO Eclipse 1, as far as power and vacuum pump and other auxiliary running gear go. The first option is when the running gear will be truck mounted, in which case power can be drawn from truck PTO to drive a hydraulic power pack which in turn drives the vacuum pump.

Alternatively, Tankformator could supply a powered vacuum unit housed in a Clip on unit, suspended to the front of the ISO Eclipse 1. In this case, the primary and secondary protection shut off are installed on the ISO Eclipse 1.

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